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– Production and sales of agricultural products
– Stipulation of agricultural production
– We provide complete raw material
– We provide a service tillage agricultural machinery
– We made the purchase, storage, drying and sale of agricultural products


Storage is one of the services we provide our farmers and subcontractors; storage service is possible for 8 months. Grain tanks are european standardized and equipped with state of the art equipment. There for the product is perfectly preserved and we are able to place our product on both domestic and international market.

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Grain dryer has capacity of 10(mt)/1h with 28% of moisture. The machine is equipped with latest control software technology, and state of the art equipment. Filtering is performed before and after drying. Before drying the product is going through process of RUFF filtering which separates the larger pieces of waist. After drying, the filter performs the FINE filtering of the product which makes the waist free. During all these operations the filter CYCLON takes out the finest dust and makes the product feet the standards for domestic and international markets.


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Farmers and subcontractors bring the product to admission department where it is weighted. The control department samples the product and analyzes it. If analysis shows intolerant percent of moisture in the product, the product is then dried and the price of grain drying is deducted from the buying price. For our subcontractors KALDARICA provides free grain drying.
At the present KALDARICA is trading only with domestic partners. Processing that KALDARICA provides meets all the requirements needed for exporting on international markets. Our goal is to expand our cooperation with future domestic as well as international partners.